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If you're a savvy salon owner, you know that you want your clients to identify with your salon as "their" salon. We want to help
you remind them often of what makes you bigger, better, different. Being current, exciting and offering value is the key!

Here are a few ways we can help. You can choose any, all, or even more options:

Use your front page - publish your promotions!
Your Salon provides monthly maintenance plans to give you an opportunity to place pictures and/or copy of your weekly or
monthly promotions and events on your home page or a promotion page of your website, so visitors can quickly see that you have
something new to offer.

Email Marketing is the newest, most cost effective advertising medium.
We can, through a customized online form on your website, help you build an email list that you can use to promote every  new service,
product, event, etc. - directly to each customer as often as you like!

Introduce yourself.  
Website visitors want to see what your salon looks and feels like. They want to get to know you better! Fun pictures, slideshows, and
movies of your salon and service providers help welcome your clients into your salon. Add a blog, and you can keep your news current!

Network, Network, Network!!!  Facebook and Twitter Widget on your Front Page gives you instant access for updates!
Now you can update yourself - daily, or as often as you like!  Exciting tidbits from your salon will keep those clients interested in your site
and finding your new promotions.

Why not call now and speak to a representative that can help determine how we can help
you bring in new clients, keep the ones you already have, and increase your profits?  
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